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Rainbow Bubbles

Live Entertainment

I've been onstage since 1997, and I don't see myself giving up on my traveling entertainer dreams any time soon.


After a post-undergrad stint as a go-go dancer, (RIP R-Bar & Attitudes) I started performing tap dancing genderf*ck comedy draglesque at open stage nights back in 2017, and started co-producing and co-hosting drag and variety shows in 2018. I've also served as Drag Liaison for the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, as well as the 2019 King of Pride St. Louis


Since my more recent return to being a part of in-person events, I've been performing in, emceeing, and producing drag and variety events in St. Louis and Memphis, and my drag & variety performance bookings for September-December 2023 are now open!

Here are a few of my favorite drag numbers:

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