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Fall 2023 Updates

Hi again y'all, I'm very late posting October's tarot & astrology blog posts - I promise they're coming soon. Due dates are a consistent struggle to begin with, and life has been constant chaos over the last few weeks (I'm sure you understand). We are all simply doing our best out here, and I appreciate your patience and that you are here and sharing this virtual space with me now.

Some positive news to share: I have lots of exciting collaborations in the works for drag shows, movement classes, and children's storytime events in 2024. I also have plans to travel and perform in Twin Cities for the first time in November to work with my longtime friend and former co-host/co-producer Dick Von Dyke, and I've been accepted to Heaux & Tarot and Losing My Religion at Aurora in STL, too! Stay tuned on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/my email list for more info coming soon ✨

Friday the 13th was Twinkle's first travel gig at Basix in Cedar Rapids, and also my first time being in Iowa! It was so incredibly refreshing and invigorating to get to explore a new city for the first time in a long time; meet and work with Dahli, Roxie Mess, Elliott T. Monroe, and Spooki Sanchez for the first time; and to get to work with Chey Boi again! It was also really lovely to have some good road trip conversations with my partner Andy and spend time with my metamour/friend Lane too! In case you couldn't be at the show at Basix, below are some of my performance photos from Keepsakes by Kelsey. I know they cropped weird in the slideshow - feel free to click to expand.

I've also been feeling this weird internal pressure to say something about the tragic losses that have occurred recently within the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community, but I also don't generally feel comfortable with the idea of communicating publicly about situations that I don't fully understand - and this much grief and tragedy in such a short amount of time isn't easy for anyone's brain to process. I did not have the opportunity to know Fern, Paris, or Jamie very well personally, but I am connected with folks in town who loved, cherished, and will always fondly remember each of them.

I sort of just wish I could hug everybody (who would be comforted or supported by and consent to that) at once without it being weird?

There's no way around it: grief and loss f*ckin' suck, and not in the fun way. Suddenly losing someone you love is traumatizing and triggering, and the amount of grief and loss that has happened in such a short amount of time quite honestly makes me worry about who we'll lose next. So in case you need the reminder:

Your feelings are real, your experiences matter, you deserve to be heard, and you are not a burden. You are loved and you are wanted and you are needed here - no matter what anyone else (including yourself) thinks.
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