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March 2023 Astrology Forecast

Sometimes I find myself struggling to tell if what I'm experiencing internally is a spiritual awakening of intuitive growth, or if it's just my neurodivergent propensity for pattern-seeking and/or traumatized hypervigilance being extra loud again. Either way, I like to keep track of what the stars & planets are doing - it helps me stay intentional and present in my daily life. And sometimes (like when I put a lil' extra kief on top of my bowl of Lavender Jones), it almost feels like I'm staying connected to my soul's home as I experience my journey in this human life.

My relationship with astrology is multifaceted - it's simultaneously a personal spiritual practice, a coping mechanism/escape, a source of income, and a hyperfixation that turned into an ongoing special interest for me. (I've also been on a journey of publicly unmasking for the first time as I return to full-time self employment in the creative & performing arts, but more on that later.)

Anyways, below are the dates of March 2023's key astrological events:

  • Thurs. 3/2 - Mercury enters Pisces

  • Tues. 3/7 - Full Moon in Virgo + Saturn enters Pisces

  • Tues. 3/14 - Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

  • Thurs. 3/16 - Venus enters Taurus

  • Sun. 3/19 - Mercury enters Aries

  • Mon. 3/20 - Aries season begins (Sun enters Aries)

  • Tues. 3/21 - New Moon in Aries

  • Sat. 3/25 - Mars enters Cancer

  • Tues. 3/28 - First Quarter Moon in Cancer

That's a lot of planetary movement! Want my take on what it all means + the planetary aspects happening in March 2023? Become one of my first astrology forecast subscribers to get the details as soon as I finish writing them, plus be entered to win a personal birth chart reading!

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