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May 2023 Astrology Forecast

It's somehow already May? It feels like Aries season went by in a flash, but also like it took forever because so many things happened?

Keeping up with the current astrology has been helping me find some sort of meaning and stability to hold onto amongst all the chaos of existing during what I sincerely hope is one of the last stages of capitalism, but what I also recognize as the well-past-the-beginning stages of the rise of f@sc!$m and path to g3n0c!de for trans people like me in my home country, where we're already seeing trans folks with the resources to do so fleeing red states in hopes of finding safety in a state that leans farther left.

I won't go into more detail than that here because I don't want to further re-trigger myself or anyone else who's reading this, but I would be remiss if I didn't note that in some of these "unprecedented times" there have been events that actually are very much precedented.

On a more personal level and completely different note, my existence personally and professionally has been super hectic over the last few weeks and months, too. This year so far, I have:

  • Launched my weekly online dance and exercise classes

  • Secured an LLC and EIN for Direct Motion Creative Collective

  • Started a monthly 21+ absurdist variety show called Nobody F*cking Asked For This

  • Started a monthly 21+ tap dance workshop called Yeah, I'd Tap That

  • Signed my divorce papers

  • Watched my college best friend get married

  • Joined PROMO's LGBTQIA+ Leadership Cohort

  • Performed locally and laid out plans for travel drag gigs later this year

A lot of Very Exciting Things are happening very fast! It's definitely got me feeling like I need to slow down. So this is me trying to be more intentional about taking the time to journal, and about using astrology as a grounding practice.

There's something kinda magic(k)al to me about finding peace and grounding by looking to the stars. I've noticed that when there are big things happening in my life, my loved ones' lives, and on a current events scale too, the stars typically reflect the energy going around.

As above, so below, as some say.

Anyways, here are the major astrological transits I'm paying attention to for May 2023:

  • Monday, May 1 - Beltane; Pluto Retrograde begins (ends October 10th)

  • Friday, May 5 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse; Full Moon in Scorpio

  • Sunday, May 14 - Mercury stations direct

  • Friday, May 19 - New Moon in Taurus

  • Sunday, May 21 - Sun enters Gemini

Curious what all that is supposed to mean? Me, too!

I put a lot of work into researching this stuff, though, so the full interpretations are reserved for Direct Motion members and patrons. But the good news is that you can access my full astrology interpretations - and become a tap dancing twink's official glucose guardian - for just $4.44/mo!

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